• Our Mission

    Our Mission


The Special Needs Trust Network provides financial oversight and guidance to people living with a diverse array of disabilities. Our long-range planning strategies, specialized trust management services, and tireless community advocacy provide our clients with increased quality of life, compassionate, individualized care management, and responsible use of beneficiary funds, regardless of amount.

We Believe

Individuals have the right to be fully informed about resources and opportunities to preserve their current and future benefits, consistent with federal and state law.

Families deserve peace of mind about future continuity of care and economic well-being for a loved one with a lifelong disability.

Everyone has something to give. As a community, we are best served when each of our citizens has the support necessary to contribute to their fullest potential.



The Special Needs Trust Network, Inc.
Rita Blackwood, Executive Director
3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, Suite 575
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